Accessibility Plan

pdf-icon.png     School Accessibility Policy (review Jan 19) and Accessibility Plan (review Mar 21)


pdf-icon.png    Admissions 2018-19

pdf-icon.png    Admissions 2019-20

Adverse Weather

pdf-icon.png    Adverse Weather (review Oct 19)


pdf-icon.png    Assessment & Marking Policy (review June 2021)


pdf-icon.png    Attendance Policy (review Nov 19)

pdf-icon.png    Penalty Notice Information

pdf-icon.png    Request for absence from school due to exceptional circumstance


pdf-icon.png    Behaviour (review Apr 19)

pdf-icon.png    Statement of Behaviour Principles (review Nov 19)

pdf-icon.png    Anti-bullying (review June 19)

pdf-icon.png    Restricted Physical Intervention (review May 21)

Charging and Remissions

pdf-icon.png    Charging and Remissions (review Jan 20)

Church of England Foundation

pdf-icon.png    Religious Education (review due)

pdf-icon.png    Collective Worship (review Mar 18)


pdf-icon.png    Complaints Policy  (review Oct 19)

pdf-icon.png    Complaints : What to do if problems arise  (review Oct 19)

Early Years Foundation Stage

pdf-icon.png    Early Years Foundation Stage (review Nov 19)


pdf-icon.png    Single Equality Statement (review Mar 19)

Managing Information

pdf-icon.png    Freedom of Information Policy & Guidance (June 19)

       pdf-icon.png    Data Protection (review June 2019)

 Pupil Premium Funding

pdf-icon.png    Pupil Premium (review June 21)

pdf-icon.png    Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-18 (review Sept 18)

Safeguarding Children

pdf-icon.png    Safeguarding (review May 19)

pdf-icon.png    Child Protection (HCC review Jun 19)

pdf-icon.png    E-safety

pdf-icon.png    Health and Safety (review May 18)

Staff Policies

pdf-icon.png    Performance Management and Capability (review March 21)

pdf-icon.png    Pay (review Oct 18)

Supporting Medical Needs

pdf-icon.png    Supporting the Medical Needs of Pupils (review Apr 19)

pdf-icon.png    First Aid (Mar 18)

Teaching and Learning

pdf-icon.png    Learning and Teaching (review due)

pdf-icon.png    Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development (review Oct 19)

pdf-icon.png    Home Learning (review Sept 19)

pdf-icon.png    Learning Outside the Classroom & Educational Visits (review June 21)

pdf-icon.png    Relationships and Sex Education (review Apr 21)

 Special Educational Needs

pdf-icon.png    Special Educational Needs and Disability (review July 20)

pdf-icon.png    SEN & Disability Information Report (review Sept 19) 

Sports Grant

pdf-icon.png    Sports Grant (review July 18)

 Vision, Values and Ethos

pdf-icon.png    Vision and Aims (review Jan 20)

pdf-icon.png    Our Values (review Jan 20)


** For DfE Guidance on the statutory policies that schools are required to have - Click here.

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