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Physical Education and School sports is an area where all pupils can enjoy and achieve, building on a platform for life long physical activity in an environment where everyone can succeed and thrive. 

At West Tytherley, the school sports funding will enable us to improve the quality & provision of physical education (PE) and sport for the benefit of all children.



At West Tytherley, our main objectives for improvement are:

  • to increase pupil participation in sporting activities in school, after-school clubs and within the wider cluster
  • to ensure that all children can access and enjoy a wider range of sporting activities
  • to offer all children a varied programme of sporting opportunities that develop self-esteem, competitive spirit and team work. 
  • to increase the use of specialist coaching to enhance the quality of teaching of physical education and provide supportive staff development.
  • to improve the range of resources available to children, to enhance provision in games/PE and at playtimes.

Impact Statement for 2017/18

  • Embedded assessment has enabled us to support and challenge individual children.
  • Provision at lunchtime targeted those pupils who were unable to attend after-school activities
  • Achievement of the Bronze Sports Mark – aiming for Gold within the coming year.
  • Tailored extra-curricular activities during lunchtimes to target all children, to increase participation and motivation
  • Embedded daily mile across the school to increase concentration and stamina for all pupils
  • Highly motivated team that take part in inter-school competitions
  • Established a Play Leaders initiative to train children in leading small group games at lunchtime.  This, in turn, has helped to increase the quality of play and social skills – as well as the leadership skills for our play leaders.
  • Promoted active playtimes for all children through our ‘Sports Ambassadors’ programme.  Older children have developed their leadership skills and offered greater opportunities for others to get involved in team games.
  • Held a highly successful ‘Active and Healthy celebration’ week involving professional coaches to deliver a range of exciting sport opportunities and activities. 


Proposed Use of the Sports Premium Grant 2018/19

The school received a sport premium grant of £16,000 and below outlines our proposed expenditure.

 Area of  Focus

  Use of funding 





Purchasing a whole school package for Physical Education (‘Real’ PE)

  • Increase teacher’s confidence and skill in curriculum delivery
  • Increase pupil enjoyment and skills



Staff development

Relevant CPD course as needed

  • Increase teacher’s confidence and skill in curriculum delivery

AM and other staff



Invest in specialist PE coach already familiar with the school and children to delivery high quality PE sessions across all classes

  • Increase skill of children
  • Promote greater consistency for the children
  • Increased understanding of whole-school skill level
  • Feedback to teachers regarding assessment of skills throughout the year.

Personal Best



Fund Cluster Sports Manager  to lead and run area and inter-school sporting events


Release for PLT to regularly meet with cluster PLTs to develop competition format



  • Increase number of children competing
  • A varied competition programme through the year involving cluster schools.


Sports Manager (all year)



Purchase new resources in order to deliver a varied PE curriculum





Purchase a team kit for competitive events

  • Greater enthusiasm from children
  • Higher participation rates
  • Increase the quality of PE teaching and learning.
  • Increase children’s confidence and sense of belonging.








PTA or Sponsor














pdf-icon.png  Please click here to view our 'School Sports Grant Statement'.

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