stone_picture.jpgWe are a community primary school offering education to children aged between 4 and 11 years old. Our school is committed to inclusion and to serving the needs of the children in the local community. 

The school has set its admissions policy in line with Hampshire County Council’s overarching policy and timetable.

Our admissions policy can be found below:

Admissions policy 2018-19
for September 2018 admissions
Admissions policy 2019-20
for September 2019 admissions
If you think you may be interested in making an application to our school you are very welcome to visit us.  Please call the school office on 01794 341769 to make an appointment.

My child starts school in September 2019

If you live in Hampshire, you can apply from 1st November 2018 online at  The application deadline is Tuesday 15th January 2019.  For Hampshire admissions, please click here.

If you live in Wiltshire or other County, and would like to apply for a place at West Tytherley, you would need to speak with your Local Authority Admissions Team and go through their process.  For Wiltshire admissions, please click here.

Every year we admit 15 children to our Reception class, so we would strongly advise you to apply early to ensure that you are offered a place at our school.


My child is at another Hampshire school but would like to come to West Tytherley Primary immediately ('in-year' applications)

If this is the case, you can apply to join our school in two ways. You can apply by requesting a paper copy of the application form from us or your child’s current school, return it directly to us where we can confirm your place almost immediately. You can return the form to us by hand or by post. 

You can also contact admissions directly and use this link to apply for an 'in year admission.


My child is at a school outside of Hampshire and would like to join West Tytherley CE Primary immediately

In this situation, you would need to contact the Local Authority admissions team in the County your child is in now. So, for example, if you live in Wiltshire and wish to take up a place here, you would need to speak with Wiltshire admissions team and go through their process and take their advice. 

You can also contact Kim Furness, the school’s Admin & Finance Office, on the school phone number of 01794 340338 or email her directly:

Hampshire County Council have a dedicated area of their website relating to school admissions which contains all of the guidance, forms and contacts you need to apply for a place at West Tytherley CE Primary School.  Most applications for September entry are now completed online. 

Access this link to the Hampshire County Council Admission Website.

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