The school is well supported by a thriving PTA (Parent & Teacher Association).  

The PTA has recently been reformed and would encourage our parents to participate.  There is no subscription but energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment are essential.  


Essentially, the main purpose of the PTA is to 'raise funds'.  The money we raise is used for a variety of purposes to support the school.  


We pay for the little extras that help make learning more fun and the school a even better place to be. For example, in the past year, we heavily subsidised class trips for each year group, donated £1000 towards the School Grounds Project, provided money for the purchase of new library and classroom books.

We are also very proud that we raised £500 towards the purchase of brand new class projector, adding to the excellent school facilities and directly impacting the quality of learning for our children.

Our main fundraising event is the Summer Fayre. Everyone is welcome to help and attend these events.  Your support is so important in making it a success.

Social Activities

We promote social activities. Most of the fundraising events could also be considered social activities, but we arrange some non-profit events purely for fun too. These are opportunities for parents to meet other parents and for the children to socialise out of school hours. The annual summer barbeque is always well attended and the children enjoy a disco and Christmas party.  

At the heart the PTA is the committee elected at the Autumn AGM. This consists of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and between 4 to 8 other members. We welcome new members and serving on the committee is an excellent way of being actively involved in your child’s school life.

If you have any questions about the PTA, or about the school, which you would like answered by a parent please feel free to contact a PTA member. We will be very happy to help.

Please also use to provide cash back for the school whilst making your on-line purchases.

Please click this link if you would like any more information regarding our Fundraising activities.  

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