House Teams



At West Tytherley, there are three house teams.

Here are the most recent House Point Scores:








Why have houses?

We feel the children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams. It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each other, gives them a strong sense of responsibility and belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

How many houses are there?

There are three houses with balanced numbers of boys and girls and numbers from each year group. Children are not moved into another house unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How are the houses managed?

Each house has two house captains and two sports captains. Children from Oak class put themselves forward and are elected. There is a house mascot, a house colour and a house cup.

When is the house system used?

There is a house point system, where children earn points individually and these are collected together at the end of each half term and the cup is awarded each term. It is also used on Sports Day, other whole school team events and during fund raising activities.

How do children get house points?

Children can earn points (sometimes called ‘merits’) individually for being good learners, by showing effort and determination, confidence and for great personal achievement. Points are also awarded for working well with others by getting along, working as a team and being organised. Any member of staff can award house points

How are children individual achievement awarded?

During a weekly celebration assembly, the headteacher awards children a bronze, silver and gold pencil and certificate for achieving the house points below. 



Bronze award for achieving 50 house points


Silver award for 150 house points


Gold award for achieving 300 house points.


How does a house win the house cup?

House points are recorded on individual charts that the children keep. At the end of each half term, points are totaled and the winning house is awarded the cup.  This presentation takes place during a special celebration assembly.

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