School Council

image_for_school_council.jpgIn order for children to achieve well, they need to take ownership of their learning and school environment and feel valued for the contributions they make. One powerful way of ensuring all children feel that they have a pupil voice within school, is to have an elected School Council which is integral to the life of the school.

What is the School Council?

The school council works to make improvements to the school and the way we do things at West Tytherley. We look around for things that could be better and discuss what to do. Everyone gets a chance to speak and when we’ve finished we vote on the best ideas and then start working on changing things. Sometimes we have to talk to Mr Warren or other teachers and sometimes we have to make phone calls to people outside of the school. 

Who are the School Councillors?

Every year we run an election campaign to vote for two new representatives for each class, usually a boy and a girl. One will attend the first half of the year and then swap over after February half term.  If one of the representative is unable to attend, then the other nominated representative should attend in their place.  A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings and put the minutes up in the classroom. 

The Minutes

The minutes are the notes that we take at the meetings; they explain what we said and what will happen next. The minutes will record who was at the meeting. 


We try to be very professional in the council so we use a lot of business words. Hopefully this will help.

Agenda a list of things to talk about

Councillor someone who has been voted for to work for their class mates on the school council

Minutes the notes taken during a meeting so people can see what goes on

Vote all councillors will make a firm decision about something

school_council.gifWhat School Council Representatives Have To Do

The things you’ll be expected to do are ...

  • Speak on behalf of the rest of your class
  • Make important decisions about all sorts of things
  • Attend regular meetings and give up your own time to do project work
  • Take everyone’s comments seriously
  • Make sure the minutes are displayed in your class
  • Report back to your class all of the decisions that the council makes 
  • The Perfect Schools Council Representative

The kind of person you need to be is ...

  • Approachable; that is someone that other people feel comfortable coming up and talking to.
  • Cheerful and enthusiastic
  • Get along well with people
  • Have good concentration
  • Responsible
  • Helpful
  • Be a good listener (look at the person who’s talking)
  • Be a good explainer
  • Fair
  • Respect other people’s ideas
  • Kind
  • Confident ~ don’t be shy
  • Don’t think about yourself and what you want ~ you’re there to speak for everyone
  • Patient
  • school_council_fund_raisers.gifReliable
  • Creative
  • Understanding 

Last year, the school council worked on:

  • Planning our School Grounds Project
  • Leading an assembly about the Grounds Project
  • Organising fundraising for Children in Need
  • Recruiting our new Deputy Head


Meet The School Council

At the beginning of the year, we voted for our new new School Council members and here they are !



Pupil Representatives

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4

      Ted & Sid

Year 5


Year 6


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